May 24, 2010

Lost Ending - Lost Finale Explained

"The island is a cork of a bottle keeping the evil from spreading throughout the rest of the world"

or so, said Jacob to Richard.

The Lost Finale (episodes 17 & 18 of season 6 aka Lost S06E17) disappointed most spectators who were highly in the expectation of answers to remaining enduring mysteries or connecting the dots. The screenwriters Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof chose to leave connecting the dots or filling in the blanks to the loyal Lost fans, according to me, they also gave the rest of us a choice to tolerate the contradicting metaphors or what I would call otherwise absurdities which are explained below. This could also be considered the making of a proof that they did not plan what was to come along as the story went on, neither the finale.

Jacob was there to protect the "light", an intense source of electro-magnetic energy at the "heart" of the island. The same energy - when uncontrolled - would cause passing nearby planes to crash to the island. The same energy which turned his brother into a smoke monster which is invincible, reads people's minds, kills the characters which he no longer likes or those that the island is done with, he can also disguise himself using the bodies of dead people.

The light coming from the energy field hidden in an underground chasm is supposed to be left alone never to be visited according to Jacob's late mother who thanked her rebellious adopted son for killing her. However, as explained in the Lost Season 6 Finale (Destiny Found) when Desmond Hume and Jack Shephard went there on a sacred mission to disable the unbeatable smoke monster's powers - however they didn't turn into smoke monsters themselves for entering the cave and being exposed to the electro-magnetic power of that great source of energy! For them it was just a switch-board to turn on or off the island's power, when turned off the island would start rambling and to slowly sink into the ocean.

May 10, 2010

Twitter's Zero-Follower Bug is the off-spring from Make-Anyone-your-Follower Bug

This might be the beginning of a cyber doom's day or the judgement day for the social networking as Twitter's programmers are having a hard time fixing the "make-anyone-your-follower" bug.

The bug discovered earlier and passed on to their friend lists by social networkers was about using a reserved word (which was probably intended originally for an upcoming "invitation" feature to be added to Twitter. The word was simply "accept" when proceeded by a twitter user's handle (for example @skyhan) which would force that user to be added to your follower's list.

I was too late to exploit the bug to triple the list of my followers, as I logged in to my Twitter account, both the list of my followers and those I follow were totally gone!

By the time I tried to use the command-like combination accept @someone as a tweet, I instantly got an internal server error.

I believe Twitter's coders are on the issue and in an attempt to fix unjustly added followers, they deleted the entire follower list of many users (if not all)!

For every rising and shining star, there's a fall all the way down.

Good luck, Twitter!


-Gossip Bird

May 03, 2010

Drivers, why you should always wear seat-belt

Why you should do this couldn't be expressed any better.

Watch the video to view the ultimate story-telling:

Embrace Life: Always wear your seat-belt!

May 01, 2010

Hot Math, Cool Cars

Not long ago, math was considered an abstract science, with no real-world applications.

Not any more!

Watch the video from Stanford University and decide for yourself.