February 01, 2011

Capture Attention with an Exceptional Resume


Meaning: The term curriculum vitae and bio-data are used synonymously for resume. The term bio-data refers to the biographical details of somebody. The literal meaning of the term bio-data is biographical details. whereas a resume/ curriculum vitae is an abstract or selective record of one's professional and educational achievements like formal education, work experience, qualifications, abilities and so on. It is a one-page (sometimes two-pages) document summarizing one's skills, experiences and qualifications for a position in your field. It introduces the individual to a potential employer. The main objective of a resume is winning a job interview by highlighting the applicant's fitness for a particular position.

Design: There is no one right design for a resume. The design of a resume largely depends on a person's background, employment need, career goals, and professional conventions in the area of specialization. For best results a resume must be designed to reflect the candidate's personality, employment goals and his/her career aspirations. A resume should be original.