April 14, 2011

iPhone Killers Killing Each Other

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? This is the case with iPhone and Apple's so-called iOS devices.

After so much bickering at work, and in my personal life about Apple vs others, I had decided to stop sounding like a fanatic. However something happened yesterday and I could keep my silence no longer.

I and a colleague tested two smart-phones yesterday one of them on Windows mobile and the other on Android with a multi-touch screen, just to open an e-mail message, click the link on the message and then write some comments on the page where the link would take me.

Such a simple task would take less than one minute on the iPhone, but it took 10 and 5 minutes on the Windows mobile and Android devices respectively to perform exactly the same task described above.

Because on the Windows mobile device the navigation was a real pain and the user interface so confusing that we mistakenly quit the mail client (Outlook mobile) 4-5 times while struggling to receive and locate the mail message.

On Android, which I'm normally fond of, the multi-touch gestures were usually mis-interpreted and navigation was a total struggle to do anything - not even close to the ease of use and the accuracy of iPhones without gyro.

So good luck iPhone killers in your quest to bash iPhone and not each other.