November 28, 2011

What Really Happened at the Stonehenge

Angry Birds played at the Stonehenge

October 27, 2011

Kermit about to find out about the truth who he really is

-"What I'm about to tell you is gonna change your life forever." said the doctor to Kermit, while holding and looking at his x-ray film. "Are you sure you want to know it?" 

April 14, 2011

iPhone Killers Killing Each Other

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? This is the case with iPhone and Apple's so-called iOS devices.

After so much bickering at work, and in my personal life about Apple vs others, I had decided to stop sounding like a fanatic. However something happened yesterday and I could keep my silence no longer.

I and a colleague tested two smart-phones yesterday one of them on Windows mobile and the other on Android with a multi-touch screen, just to open an e-mail message, click the link on the message and then write some comments on the page where the link would take me.

Such a simple task would take less than one minute on the iPhone, but it took 10 and 5 minutes on the Windows mobile and Android devices respectively to perform exactly the same task described above.

Because on the Windows mobile device the navigation was a real pain and the user interface so confusing that we mistakenly quit the mail client (Outlook mobile) 4-5 times while struggling to receive and locate the mail message.

On Android, which I'm normally fond of, the multi-touch gestures were usually mis-interpreted and navigation was a total struggle to do anything - not even close to the ease of use and the accuracy of iPhones without gyro.

So good luck iPhone killers in your quest to bash iPhone and not each other.

February 01, 2011

Capture Attention with an Exceptional Resume


Meaning: The term curriculum vitae and bio-data are used synonymously for resume. The term bio-data refers to the biographical details of somebody. The literal meaning of the term bio-data is biographical details. whereas a resume/ curriculum vitae is an abstract or selective record of one's professional and educational achievements like formal education, work experience, qualifications, abilities and so on. It is a one-page (sometimes two-pages) document summarizing one's skills, experiences and qualifications for a position in your field. It introduces the individual to a potential employer. The main objective of a resume is winning a job interview by highlighting the applicant's fitness for a particular position.

Design: There is no one right design for a resume. The design of a resume largely depends on a person's background, employment need, career goals, and professional conventions in the area of specialization. For best results a resume must be designed to reflect the candidate's personality, employment goals and his/her career aspirations. A resume should be original.