May 24, 2012

What If Drivers were Hired Like Programmers?

Job title: Car driver

Job requirements: Professional skills in driving normal- and heavy-freight cars, buses and trucks, trolley buses, trams, subways, tractors, shovel diggers, contemporary light and heavy tanks currently in use by NATO countries.

  • Skills in rally and extreme driving are obligatory! 
  • Formula-1 driving experience is a plus. 
  • Knowledge and experience in repairing of piston and rotor/Wankel engines, automatic and manual transmissions, ignition systems, board computer, ABS, ABD, GPS and car-audio systems by world-known manufacturers - obligatory! 
  •  Experience with car-painting and tinsmith tasks is a plus. 
  •  The applicants must have certificates by BMW, General Motors and Bosch, but not older than two years. 

Compensation: $10-$15/hour, depends on the interview result.

Education requirements: Bachelor's Degree of Engineering.

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